Educational Program: The Trees Speak



Based on research by the University of Peloponnese, the Agricultural University of Athens and the Center for Environmental Education of Kalamata, we located the Trees of the Revolution, created markings and integrated harmoniously into our travel routes. The visitor learns the stories of the trees, which recount important moments of the Greek Revolution. These olive trees, plane trees, oaks, which were alive in the early 19th century, some over a 1000 years old, that bore witness to the events leading up to the Revolution.

‘The Trees Speak’ educational programme aims to connect history with the environment. The trees reveal a lot of information on the study of human and natural history. The science of Palaeontology helps to read the effects of climate change, the course of human civilization and many other defining elements over the centuries, through the tree-trunks. In our programme, the trees take on an almost human form. They acquire memory and consciousness and narrate in the first person, divulgng information about their lives and important events related to the revolution.

As perennial trees are of particular importance to people living near them as perennial living organisms, students are inspired by trees and their role in the human environment. Such stories have the power to unite generations and enhance a sense of local identity and a sense of “belonging”, especially when it comes to trees that coexist with small local communities. Our goal is to connect students with nature and history through active participation and engagement, to identify their relationship and attribute it to today.
One of the biggest problems facing humanity today is precisely this relationship of man with nature, and consequently with the broader social, economic, historical context. The goal of the programme is for children to feel, seek inspiration and create their own story, of fostering understanding and respect for nature.

We chose modern and timeless forms of expression.

Video: ΜΟΡΙΑΣ’21. Μαθητικός Διαγωνισμός ‘Τα Δέντρα Μιλούν’ – Οδηγίες για VIDEO – YouTube                                                                         Poetry: ΜΟΡΙΑΣ’21. Μαθητικός Διαγωνισμός ‘Τα Δέντρα Μιλούν’ – Οδηγίες για ΠΟΙΗΣΗ – YouTube                                                                           Podcast: ΜΟΡΙΑΣ’21. Μαθητικός Διαγωνισμός ‘Τα Δέντρα Μιλούν’ – Οδηγίες για PODCASTS – YouTube

The video and podcast will last up to 5 minutes while the poem with a maximum of 30 verses.

We urge children to let go of their imagination, to feel their emotion and to express in their own creative way, the relationship between the age-old trees and the revolution with the present. What is the message of this relationship today? What does it mean for them, for the present and for the future?

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