In the footsteps of the Revolutionaries of 1821, we follow their way of life, focusing on their eating habits.

Through the research of the University of Peloponnese and in collaboration with the magazine Gastronomos, the ingredients and recipes of that time period have been discovered!

The ingredients, the flavors but also the general nutritional conditions of that period are the base of a special menu, 12 unique recipes developed by the famous chef Lefteris Lazarou.

The menu called “The Dishes of the Revolution” consists of 3 main dishes, a salad with typical Peloponnese ingredients, 4 meat based dishes and 4 seafood dishes!

Highlighting the great wine tradition of the region, Wine Master Konstantinos Lazarakis choss a special variety of wine from Morias for each recipe!

The purpose is to adopt these recipes from restaurants in the Peloponnese and offer them to visitors to the area.

At the same time, restaurants outside the Peloponnese are invited to be inspired by the research materials and to create their own recipes.

Come and celebrate the 200th anniversary of the revolution in the Peloponnese, through the MORIAS 21 programme, with unique Greek flavors.