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Seven-day trip from Monemvasia

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The Flower of Monemvasia ... Tour of the castle town of Monemvasia

July 23, 1821. Monemvasia becomes the first fortified city of the Peloponnese that falls into the hands of the Greeks.

Deeply desperate and starvating, the few remaining Turks – 756 out of about 4,000 when the siege began four months earlier – capitulate to Ypsilantis’ envoy Alexandros Katakouzinos, agree to hand over the castle against promise of safe passage and transport by boat to the coasts of Asia Minor. Unlike many other cases, the agreement was kept. The news of the liberation of a seemingly deceitful castle, such as Monemvasia, boosted the morale of the Greek revolutionaries everywhere and encouraged them to continue the struggle for the occupation of other strongholds.


Monasteries of the Revolution. Monastery of the Metamorphosis of the Savior (Molaoi), Old Monastery of Vrontama

Historic monasteries that played an important role during the Revolution.


In the Mavromichalis regions

After a stop in historic Gythio, which was a key port in the Revolution, the route ends in Areopolis, the special homeland and administrative seat of the powerful Mavromichalis family, who greatly contributed to the struggle for independence.


The mountains of Mani

Mani has been a center of uninterrupted resistance against the Ottomans since the pre-revolutionary years.

The mountainous landscape and the hardened inhabitants of the area ensured the deception repeated attempts of conquest of the area by Ibrahim Pasha. The route passes through areas of Eastern Mani, sites of unique natural beauty, connected with important historical events and personalities who acted before and during the Revolution.


Stories from Old Kardamili

Theodoros Kolokotronis arrived secretly in Kardamili in January 1821, after many years of living in Zakynthos.

Upon arrival, he was hosted in a tower owned by family friend Panagiotis Mourtzinou. Open to the public today, this tower is where Kolokotronis started planning the Revolution of Morias. He recalled, “On 6th January, I arrived in Skardamoula and stayed with family friend Panagiotis Mourtzinou. From the 6th of January until the 22nd of March, I successfully encouraged people from Mani to join the struggle. I also sent for people from Messinia, Mistros, Karitaina, Fanari, Leontari, Arkadia and Tripolitzas. They all came to me and I told them that they must be ready on the day of Annunciation, and that they must fight against the Ottomans in all the provinces.”



2. Monasteries of the Revolution: Velanidia Monastery and Marakadi Monastery

Monasteries that played a significant role in the Revolution.