3 day

Three-day trip from Areopolis

Point of Departure:



In the homeland of Mavromichalis

Areopolis was the homeland of the powerful Maniοτ family of Mavromichalis; according to local tradition, the Revolution in Mani was proclaimed by Petrobey Mavromichalis on March 17, 1821, in front of the Holy Church of the Holy Taxiarchs, in the presence of all the Maniot chiefs.

The sights of Areopolis include: the Holy Church of the Holy Taxiarchs (today’s Diocese), the March 17th Square, where the statue of Petrobey Mavromichalis stands imposingly, the Pikoulaki Tower (which functions as a Museum housing the permanent exhibition “Stories of Religious Faith in Mani”) the Holy Church of Panagia Georgianiki, which was the family church of Mavromichalis.


The mountains of Mani

Mani had been a center of uninterrupted resistance against the Ottomans since the pre-revolutionary years.

The mountainous landscape and the hardened inhabitants of the area ensured the repulsion of Ibrahim Pasha’s repeated attempts to conquer Mani . The route passes through areas of Eastern Mani, sites of unique natural beauty, connected with important historical events and personalities who acted before and during the Revolution.


From Tower to Tower

Sites of East and West Mani, associated with historical events and personalities of the region before and during the Revolution.