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Three-day trip from Kalamata

Point of Departure:



Tour of Kalamata

On 23rd March, 1821, Kalamata was peacefully liberated from the Ottomans. That afternoon, the people of Kalamata gathered outside the Church of the Holy Apostles by the river Nedontas to witness the first ever church service to be performed as a free people.

Leaders of the fight for independence, including Theodoros Kolokotronis, Anagnostaras, Nikitaras, Papaflessas and Petrobei Mavromichalis, as well as around 2000 fighters from Mani attended the ceremony. The Revolution was just beginning…


Walking the paths of the independence fighters: Theodoros Kolokotronis, Dimitrios Papatsonis, Ioannis Dikaios, Iosif Androusis

Here you can visit the birthplaces, hiding places, strongholds, homes and execution places of great fighters and political figures of the Revolution, such as Theodoros Kolokotronis (1770-1843), Dimitrios Papatsonis (d. 1798-1825), Ioannis Dikaios (d. 1825) and Bishop Androusis Iosif (1770-1844).


Following the footsteps of Ibrahim…

Visit the villages, fortresses, battlefields and monuments of the Ottoman-Egyptian military operations led by Ibrahim Pasha in the Peloponnese

(February 1825 – October 1828): the battles of Schinolaka (16/17th of March, 1825) and battle of Kremidia (7th of April 1825), Ibrahim’s occupation of Sfachtirias (26th of April 1825) and Niokastro (6th May 1825), the battle of Maniaki (20th May 1825) and the Naval Battle of Navarino (27th October 1827).