3 day

Three-day trip from PILOS

Point of Departure:



The waters of Navarino

20th October 1827. The day of the last ever naval combat between sailboats in history.

Both the Great Powers and the Ottoman-Egyptian fleets waited vigilantly on either side of the bay. At the centre of this imaginary tug of war lay the fate of Greek revolutionaries. Was it a result of a circumstantial argument? Was it a methodical move? We may never find out. Within about two hours, fate had been sealed. While watching the last Ottoman ship sink slowly in the Navarino waters, the Greeks imagined a free country.


Following the footsteps of Ibrahim…

Visit the villages, fortresses, battlefields and monuments of the Ottoman-Egyptian military operations led by Ibrahim Pasha in the Peloponnese

(February 1825 – October 1828): the battles of Schinolaka (16/17th of March, 1825) and battle of Kremidia (7th of April 1825), Ibrahim’s occupation of Sfachtirias (26th of April 1825) and Niokastro (6th May 1825), the battle of Maniaki (20th May 1825) and the Naval Battle of Navarino (27th October 1827).


Vive la Grèce...

This expedition includes visits to the three last Peloponnesian castles to be under Ottoman rule: Niokastro, Methoni and Koroni, all of which were liberated by the French Morias Expedition led by Maison almost immediately after Ibrahim’s Ottoman-Egyptian forces withdrew in October 1828.