Whether it is a three-day excursion, a five-day getaway or a seven-day trip, 21 routes in the Peloponnese specially designed by the cultural tourism company Discover Greek Culture (DGC) await your arrival in Morias. These routes were selected based on the research of the University of Peloponnese and are combined in a uniquely flexible way in multi-day trips. Whatever you choose, prepare to experience a fascinating tour of history, where the spark of revolution lit up 200 years ago.

People, legends, events, battlefields, hideouts, castles and tower,, age-old trees, caves and hills, Nea Epidavros, Navarino Bay, Valtetsi, Maniaki, Myloi and Verga, the straits of Dervenakia, the hill of Drambalas, Ramovouni, Soulimochoria, Nedousa and Poliani, the Holy Apostles in Kalamata, Agios Spyridonas in Nafplio, the Areopolis of Mavromichalia, Limbovisi, the Old Vrontama Monasteryand the Kaltezon Monastery, Troupakis Tower in Kardamili, Platanos of Arcadia, Acrocorinth, the castle city of Monemvasia, and many other emblematic places, rich with stories and unforgettable images, all intertwined and waiting to be discovered in a journey where memory becomes the destination, and the destination becomes experience.

This experience, your contact with the place and its history is completed if you combine the routes with the parallel activities of the programme. In addition to monuments, you will see, you can observe all 5 exhibits, admire the 10 murals and taste all 12 dishes of the Revolution. Morias is here waiting for you to discover it with all your senses!

All suggested tours are self guided and all  suggested routes are by car.